About UsYPDA is a national organization of college and high school students rooted in education, moved by the pursuit of justice, and committed to making unapologetically progressive change across the country. Our members share personal commitments to their communities as well as the greater good. Young Progressives Demanding Action was founded in July 2016, as this cements our shared commitment to fighting for economically, socially, and morally just causes. YPDA chapters are based in different communities across the nation, we believe that a national trajectory can advance all of our communities. Our National Leadership team partners and pairs with other organizations who take action with a similar, “Justice or Bust” approach


 Statewide AdvocacyWe push for proactive progressive policies at the state level.Progressive Issue EducationOur advocacy is  primarily anchored in education for chapters. We keep leaders up to date so that their actions can bring informed impact to issues. MentorshipWe are committed to growth through partnerships between younger and older progressives.Nationally FocusedAs a singular organization, our chapters are briefed and active on the same National Issues. Our George Washington University chapter lobbies and brings our chapter’s voices to Capitol Hill. 14 ChaptersOur organization is committed to having a consistent 2/3’s of our chapters participating in community actions during any month.1 Steering CommitteeOur steering committee plans regularly to ensure all chapters have resources, help, and support at all times.27 ChaptersWe have 21 chapters of high school students, college students, and community youth, meeting & organizing around the country.

Our organization is as powerful as the leaders we recruit. If you are interested in this organization, please apply here. We are looking for chapter leaders from across the country. If you think that there might already be a YPDA chapter, check here for the official chapter list. Finally, if you are interested in donating, the link can be found here.